Get Insights on Your
Audience & Competitors

Times are changing in China, increased competition means building a strong brand is the only path to success.


Are your team measuring how your followers react to your content and using this knowledge to improve? 


Afraid of falling behind the competition – have intelligence on your competitors at your fingertips.


Marketing is a team sport and inefficient collaboration could be stopping you getting great results.

Build an Industry Leading Brand
on China Social Media

Content Strategy

A great brand requires a sophisticated strategy with multiple themes and targeting different audiences. KAWO’s content tagging makes it effortless to measure and optimize your strategy.

Monitor Competitors

Automatically monitor the performance of your competitors. Browse their top content and gain insights & inspiration.
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Smart Scheduling

Make excellent content more visible to your target audience. KAWO’s machine learning helps schedule your content for the optimal time based on your audience preferences.

Clear Approval

Protect the reputation of your brand with simple and transparent approval. Set permissions and then only content approved by authorized users can be published.

Painless Collaboration

Creating the best content requires your team to work together, but are WeChat groups and long email chains the best way to collaborate?
We don’t think so and have spent 9 years building the best workflow to create awesome social media content.

Stay on Budget

Transparently control your spending on social media ads. Plan, approve and measure how you’re promoting your channels.