Drive Client Success with Streamlined
Social Media Management

Efficiency + Transparency
= Happier Partnerships

Equip your agency with a powerful multi-account social media management and data insights platform. KAWO automates repetitive and time-consuming work, freeing up manpower so that your teams keep the focus on delivering high-quality creative projects, not on filling in spreadsheets. Earn client’s approval and praise with eye-catching social media performance well-organized, transparent processes.

From local heroes to global giants, agencies everywhere choose KAWO.

Boost social media success with key analytics and insights that can actually help you improve.

Everything in one Place!

Multiple accounts from multiple brands, all in one place! Learn More >>

✔️ Overview of all social performances
✔️ Real-time shared media library
✔️ Switch between brands and accounts within one click
✔️ Add/remove users with ease

Clear Planning and
Collaboration Process

Streamline planning, creating, approving and tracking content with customers in one platform. Don’t get lost in email threads, stay on the same page and build trust with each other. Learn More >>

✔️ Aligned content planning and post scheduling
✔️ Trackable internal and external collaboration
✔️ Multi-step approval and authorization
✔️ Auto-auditing to ensure compliance

Reports and Data Insights

Analyze your performance and benchmark competitors. Export reports with one simple click so you can spend more time crafting a creative solution. Learn more >>

✔️ Multi-dimension single post data
✔️ One click export auto-generated report
✔️ Organize content with tagging
✔️ Campaign management and KPI tracking

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Advanced Competitor and Trend Insights

Easily monitor competitors to track trends, capture opportunities, and get inspiration.
Learn More >>

✔️ See top content from competitors
✔️ Performance ranking
✔️ Hot topics in Word Cloud
✔️ Eliminate data-collecting & processing tasks

See Instant Wins with KAWO

Save valuable time

Optimize repetitive manual tasks like data collection and reporting. Log in to one platform and switch between accounts with just one click. Tag other users to notify them of updates or new tasks. Let KAWO calculate the best time to publish your content.

Transparency & collaboration

All stakeholders on one platform means less wasted time and fewer misunderstandings, letting you and your teams focus on what is most important — driving results. 

Elevate expertise

Utilize visualized digital tools to improve tracking and understanding data., Reduce risks caused by content compliance and brand safety hazards with clear authorization and auditing tools within KAWO.

 Why KAWO? Because Results Matter

Standard SaaS platform
No need for private deployment
First-class user experience
Bilingual platform suits overseas needs
Exclusive CSM for Q&A
Quarterly customized data insights sharing session


James Campbell, Co-Founder

Trust is at the heart of all our client relationships. The transparency that comes with allowing our clients a look under the hood at our work builds that trust, giving them the confidence that we have the brand’s best interests in mind.”

Copywriters, Less Busy Work, More Creativity

KAWO empowers you to be inspired and free from disruptive tasks.

We know you are dealing with…

Disorganized Materials
Conflicting Opinions
No Inspiration

So we solved that with…

Content Hub

One place to store everything and easily find it when you need it. Search thousands of materials in seconds by keyword, user, or upload date.

Full Version History

KAWO keeps every single version of your WeChat article and lets you easily detect the changes. Switch back to an older version if you change your mind.

Feedback Solved

KAWO users can comment on specific blocks of content, or a single image. By @ other users, the right person gets notified and nothing falls through the cracks.

Spark Inspiration

Bye-bye blank space. KAWO has multiple tools to help ignite your creative spark so that you can deliver remarkable content.

Here’s what a Copywriter has to say about KAWO

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✔️ One-on-one communication and evaluation of social media status by our commercial team
✔️ Unique social media management solution and industry case sharing customized for your business
✔️ No commitment required, no burden