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Social insights on Bilibili platform

How to Reach the Untapped Market on RED and Bilibili

RED (Xiaohongshu) and Bilibili are known to be popular to younger generations, especially Gen Z. However, the presence and potentials of seniors can not be ignored on those platforms.

Seniors are flocking to RED


From must-buy recommendations, local service reviews to beauty hack and even apartment leasing — RED — with most of its content in text and images, has become the encyclopedia for modern life. 

Though RED is commonly known as a playground for the younger (upper-to-middle class female) consumers, the number of active senior users on RED is estimated to be over 11 million [S], and the number of senior influencers has doubled in 2022 [S]

The bottleneck of “Old Red Book”

How Bilibili Went from a Gamer’s Paradise to a Hot Marketing Opportunity for Auto Companies to Reach Consumers

Most social media platforms make signing up as easy as possible. It’s a race to grow more users who, in turn, attract more investment, high-quality creators, and ad buys. But not Bilibili. This Chinese video platform makes joining more difficult than passing a driving test (OK – maybe that’s true for only some us).

Bilibili — more than any other platform — doubles down on the concepts of “niche” and “community driven” — and the strategy is creating an appealing ecosystem!

Bilibili homepage

Let’s take a look at what makes Bilibili such a unique platform, and a hot marketing opportunity, especially for brands with a niche audience, like automakers.