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Harnessing the Power of GIFs for Weibo Posts: Engage Your Audience Like Never Before

Weibo is a vibrant social media platform where millions of users share their thoughts, stories, and experiences every day. While many China marketers often debate how relevant Weibo is — the truth remains that Weibo continues to boast a large user base, and is the go-to platform for breaking news and hot-topic discussions among Chinese netizens. As of June 2023 Weibo reported to have 599 million of monthly active users [s]

Standing out in the midst of this bustling online community can be a challenge. Should you create posts with text, video, GIFs. What format of posts really work best? 

KAWO is able to analyze the data from hundreds of thousands of Weibo posts published by our clients over the years and what we found was a bit surprising, and something that we found many of our clients were often overlooking: the power of GIFs on Weibo. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the value of using GIFs for Weibo posts, why they are more engaging than photos or text, and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create and export GIFs from Keynote on your Mac computer.

Guide to Chinese Weibo Image Sizes 2022

Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website, a hybrid between Facebook and Twitter. It is also one of the most widely used social networking platforms in China. Brands use Weibo in order to announce product releases, engage with their fans and followers, and to distribute brand relevant content.
Here we take a look at different Weibo image sizes specifically for distribution on Weibo to help you properly present your visual information:

Note: All images have a maximum file size of 5MB. JPG, GIF, or PNG.  

2019 WeChat & Weibo Data Insights

If only 10% of your WeChat followers read each article you are still probably doing better than you think.

Both WeChat & Weibo have reached maturity making them a real challenge for marketing teams all over China, but the data clearly shows there are ways you can win.

KAWO analysed 20 million data points to answer every marketers top questions.

“Sang”: The trend of negative messages on Weibo & WeChat

In May, a pop-up tea store named Sang Cha (丧茶), roughly translated into ‘depressed tea’, opened in Shanghai for four days. This store was instantly a huge topic filling my WeChat moments and Weibo feed. Young people shared photos and jokes about the quirky concept which says mean things to their customers like…

You’re already so fat. Refraining from one cup of milk tea won’t make any difference

If this already sounds absurd, more controversy is offered on their menu which lists…

Stephen Hawking is on Weibo even before getting on Twitter

The list of western personalities on Weibo just got bigger with a heavy weight name: Stephen Hawking. The world famous theoretical physicist wrote his first Weibo post early this morning, which was shared more than 172,000 times and has generated 327,000 likes at time of writing.

“In my physical travels, I have only been able to touch the surface of your fascinating history and culture. But now I can communicate with you through social media”, wrote Hawking.