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Gain insight into WeChat official account performance data.
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WeChat Official Account Data Overview

KAWO generates WeChat reports using realtime accurate WeChat official account data to help you instantly find out why something changed, improves efficiency and keep your team or client up to date with your progress and allow you to focus on work that delivers results.

List of WeChat Metrics Analytics

Each WeChat Metric has its own WeChat analytics report page, helping you navigate all the important details.

WeChat Followers
The total number of WeChat users following your official account
Unique Reads of WeChat Article
Number of unique WeChat users reading your articles
Open Rate of WeChat Article
Number of unique users reading the article devided by number of people the article was sent to
Unique Reach of WeChat Article
Number of reads the article received devided by number of people the article was sent to (shares doesn’t count)
Unique Shares of WeChat Article
Number of unique WeChat users that shared an WeChat article
Unique Clicks on WeChat Article
Number of unique WeChat users that clicked on a read more link
Unique Favorites for WeChat Article
Number of unique WeChat users favoriting an article
Message from WeChat Followers
The total number of direct messages received from followers by your WeChat Official Account
How people read this WeChat article
From Push Messages, WeChat Shares to WeChat Moments, WeChat Shares to Friends, WeChat Account History, WeChatt Top Stories, WeChat Search and Others
How people shared this WeChat article
From WeChat Push Messages to Moments, WeChat Moments to Moments, Other to Moments
How people followed your WeChat official account
From WeChat Search, WeChat Account Contact Card, WeChat QR Code, Followed after Payment, WeChat Clicked Account Name, WeChat Ads, WeChat reposted by others, Unknown

Take WeChat Metric on followers for example. It helps monitor subscription rate, updating how many people subscribed your account and how many people unsubscribed your account within specific date ranges.

Export Data Report on WeChat Metrics

You can download all your WeChat official account data on different WeChat Metrics with just one click, saving your team from spending so much time crunching data and creating reports, which improves efficiency.

You can adjust the layout and choose different WeChat metrics in image form.

If you want to download all the WeChat official account data to a spreadsheet, you can have it in XLS or CSV form with one click, setting KAWO over and above Excel.

Data on WeChat Metrics for WeChat Articles

Want to review the performance of individual article? You can simply click any posted articles on planning page, and then check article preview as well as different performing metrics at the same time.

Monitor Business Competitors on WeChat

Competitors analysis allows you to benchmark your own performance and keep ahead of your rivals. Use their growth to discover new opportunities. Easily export competitors data to share with your team.

WeChat Label Insights

KAWO’s label visualizations provide strategic insights and help you identify which articles connect with your followers and which could be improved. You invest so much in creating content so increase your engagement and stop wasting time creating content that produces no ROI.

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