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Best Times to Post to Weibo During CNY

It’s the “Super Bowl” of Chinese social media. “Le guerre finale” of digital marketing. The “Championship of Champagne Living”…okay, well maybe it’s none of those things but in reality the Chinese New Year presents digital marketers and brands alike with an unreal opportunity to cash in on an eager Chinese audience.

And in the year of the monkey, things are certain to go bananas…had to do it, apologies.

In all seriousness, whether it be for the lack of data or paucity of Chinese social dynamics, many brands don’t fully understand how to best utilize their social media channels during this massive Chinese holiday. So, in digging through our data from last years holiday, we’ve honed in on the opportune time to reach your target audience on social. Here’s what we found.

During the hours of 5pm to 8pm, we recorded a 114% higher average active user engagement compared to any other time period. Meaning these are the hours where users generally were liking, commenting, or re-posting on Weibo.

Of course, there are lag times between posting times to high engagement time. The gap tended to be around one hour for most posts. Generally the more popular a Weibo account is, smaller the lag time. Less popular an account is the more time required to be engaged by a large pool of users. So be sure to keep in account the lag time the next time you post!

Now, go out there and bring home the hardware! Or customer ROI, whatever makes you happy.

TL;DR 5pm to 8pm = Good time to post.

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