Chinese social media for global brands

From inspiration and planning to publishing and analytics,
KAWO helps brands power their social media in China.

Maintain Your Brand Identity

With content straight from the source, KAWO syncs up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts,
providing you with officially syndicated content.

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KAWO's inspiration board

Seamless Publishing

At the core of KAWO is the ability
to easily create and edit
posts to be published on Sina Weibo.

Reliable Scheduling

Schedule your posts for days, weeks
or even months in advance.

"Before, we wasted time posting content as it happened. With KAWO, we’re able to get into a routine, knock it all out at once, and spend more time building creative campaigns."

Michael Lin
Brand USA Account Manager

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scheduling content with KAWO

New Feature

Simplified Planning

You and your team can view and discuss all your scheduled content
weeks in advance.

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planning with KAWO

New Feature

One-Click Approval

With KAWO, approval is as simple as a flip of a switch.

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KAWO approval

New Feature

Centralized Communication

All your feedback and comments in one place.

New Feature

Full Transparency

KAWO keeps track of every action, easily accessible in the posts history.

New Feature

Competitive Intelligence

See competitive data of your brand’s performance against your industry
and benchmark yourself against industry averages.

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competitive intelligence with KAWO

With so many teams operating around the world,
KAWO works for you on every device
and in every time zone.

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Everyday, brands using KAWO reach a network of over 30 million active Chinese social media users.


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