WeChat Post Cover Image: All You Need to Know
February 9, 2018 |
You must have noticed the major changes to WeChats official account, post cover image, in the latest v6.6 update. Along with the new borderless view for the post, WeChat also redesigned the cover image width and title layout. The new design undoubtedly puts the cover image in the spotlight. To boost your post open rate, more care needs to be taken when selecting your cover images. KAWO finds that there are four key points successful WeChat cover images share:  
  1. Relevance
  2. Focal Point
  3. Target User
  4. Readability
    In this article, we will explain each of the point above with demonstrations of good and bad examples. Read through and select your next cover image with confidence.


Cover images should reinforce and expand on your content topic. Let's take a look at the post for the 50% off flash sale of Haitan Islands Honeymoon package. BAD Hard to relate this cover image to a fun honeymoon trip... GOOD This cover image has a strong implication of couple, seaside and love. A good cover image should forecast on your content and impress your users with subtle messages.

Focal Point

Your picture should have a focal point, that effortlessly attracts the eyes. For this post of Christmas theme, we cropped two different parts of the same picture to demonstrate a focal point. BAD It's hard to decide where to put your eyes. Remember, your user will not spend a long time staring at the image and figure out that these triangles are meant to represent pine trees. GOOD Same picture, but we include a reindeer to catch your eyes ;) Because users will look at your cover images for only for a short, few seconds, a single focal point will help them grasp the image better.

Target User

To know what is a good picture in your audience's eyes, careful user research is essential.

Casestudy: KAWO's typical user, Katherine

KAWO conducted countless interviews with users to portrait our typical user personae. One of which is Katherine.
  • Katherine
  • Age 23-26
  • University degree
  • 1-3 years of experience
Katherine is a social media executive. In a typical day, she creates content, engages with followers and collects basic data for social media reports. When Katherine opens KAWO's newly pushed WeChat posts, she's likely to be on the subway train to and from work, waiting for lunch or dinner, or just about to fall asleep. Generally, it's a time for leisure and light reading. Based on above understandings, we think this is a cover that Katherine would really hate: BAD Noooo...Katherine doesn't need any more tedious education pieces on how hard she should work. She would much prefer to see more trendy, funny and new things popping up in her feed. So examples would look like: GOOD A hot December trend of how the 90's generation is adapting a relaxing, peaceful and so-called 'Buddhist' life attitude. Do your user research, know what your users like and post their favorite cover image.


Last and most importantly, make sure that your readers will be able to see both the title and the cover image clearly. Unfortunately, the updated WeChat visual design brings two major challenges to readability. Let's see two bad examples:

Title Readability

BAD Because WeChat has added a gradient behind the title, your reader will probably have a hard time reading the title if your cover image is made with colorful or complicated details, or simply has a light color.

Image Visibility

BAD The title is too long. Make sure that your title is not too long (around 13 Chinese characters). Also, make sure to preview your cover image every time before you push the post.   KAWO designed a new tool to boost that will solve the readability issue of your cover image: Weicai微裁 With Weicai, In a few easy steps, you can crop the image into the right size and preview your cover image as exactly how it will look inside a phone. We provide previews of different title lengths inside a multi-article post, so you don't have to worry that the cover image will be covered by the long title. Moreover, Weicai helps you enhance title readability for light images by adding on a darker gradient at the title place.

>>>Click Here to Visit Weicai<<<

Also, did you notice? We also integrate Weicai into KAWO! When you add a cover image, KAWO will let you preview your images and crop it to perfection. Hope this article helps you understand the WeChat cover image better. Drop us a message if you have any thoughts or questions!

For all the latest updates follow KAWO on WeChat.

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