How to Make GIFs for WeChat – Ultimate Wechat Stickers Guide
February 28, 2018 |
Using GIF’s is a great way to express yourself and even better when it’s a customized one. But what if you are not familiar with Photoshop, Camtasia Studio, or Adobe Premiere? In this article, we will show you very simple different ways that will allow you to create your own customized GIFs for WeChat.  Just remember: no matter what tools you use, the GIF should be smaller than 300KB (although files with 250KB also may have issues). Otherwise, you will end up with a still picture.

Creating GIF’s with videos

KAWO presents a free tool Dongci动次 for easily converting a video into a GIF.  In 3 easy steps, you can get your video converted to GIFs that are just the right size for WeChat official account posts, Weibo posts, or a WeChat sticker. KAWO Dongci 动次 gif example
  1. Go to on your computer or phone browser. Drag and drop your video;
  2. Select the GIF quality you want;
  3. Hit generate GIF and here you go!
Dongci 动次 gif tutorial What's awesome inside Dongci is that it's designed just for WeChat and Weibo platform. You can directly find out whether your GIF size will be usable on these platforms, whether it's for official account posting or just a fun sticker. Gif fit or not wechat and weibo All free, no ads, and robustly built by KAWO. Go to Dongci from here.

Creating GIFs with photos

There are several apps to make GIFs, but these are our personal favorites:  美图GIF and GIF Maker. To find 美图GIF in the Apple Store, copy and paste the name from this article or search for “GIF Xiamen”.
美图 GIF application Apple store
1. Click on “特效GIF” (aka that orange camera) and chose pictures from your “Photo Library”.
美图 GIF opening screen
2. You can pick from 18 up to 24 photos (1A) and press the shoot button (2) or pick images from your gallery (1B). You are also able to select which pictures will appear on your GIF and the order.
chose the picture you want
3. After that, you can choose the velocity of the GIF (1) and some special effects. The first option (A) is for filters, the second one (B) for frames, the third © for other effects and the last one (D) gives you some different options (like putting your GIF on a wanted poster).
add effects to your gif
To continue click on the blue button on the top right. 4. Click the WeChat logo and send it your friends or yourself.
Note: this GIF is not automatically saved to your stickers gallery on WeChat. Click and hold on the GIF and then choose the option “Add to Stickers”. That way you can send it to anyone at anytime. With GIF Maker, you can also create customized stickers and the app is in English. There are different apps with the same name, so it’s easier to search for “GIF maker Gu Jiajun”.
gif maker app apple store
1. Click on “Photo” to choose pictures from your gallery. You can pick up to 20 photos, pick the order you want them to appear by clicking the green plus. After that click on “Make”.
gif tutorial for photo
2. Click the sharing button on the top right and share it on WeChat. Note: don’t forget to add it to your stickers gallery.
export your gif directly to wechat

Creating GIF’s with special effects

With 美图GIF, you can create a GIF where only a part of the image is moving (moving eyeballs for example). 1. Choose 魔术GIF (aka the magic hat with a blue camera).
魔术 GIF blue app
2. Record a normal video of yourself moving your eyeballs. You can select the takes you want to use by clicking on the bottom button (A) or just click on the top right button (B) to continue.
select pictures button A B
3. Select the brush on the bottom (A) and tap the area you would like to see moving. Click on the blue button on the top right to continue. Choose a filter and change the speed on the green bar.
chose the speed of the gif
Now you can see the rolling eyes!
rolling eye gif example

Movie/Existing Video

Video2Gif is a good choice when you want to use an existing video from your phone gallery to make a GIF. 1. Choose a video from your album by clicking the blue button on the left. Trim the part that you want by dragging the clip on the bottom.
Video2Gif make a gif from a video
2. Pick a filter and share it with your friends on WeChat.
add effect to your gif
You can also create GIFs using Youtube videos. We recommend this website:
img flip animated gif app
1. Insert the URL of the video and edit it. You can trim it, choose the width, add text, etc.
download the gif from URL
2. You will be able to download the GIF to your computer once you generate it and share it on WeChat (you can get the web version here Have any questions? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

For all the latest updates follow KAWO on WeChat.

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