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How to Drive Change in Your Company

Change is necessary but can be painful.

We believe, in the future, all marketing teams in China will be using solutions (like KAWO) to streamline their work.

Whenever your team starts using new software there will be a period of pain before you reach the new, better way of working.

Of course, the alternative to change is being left behind and nobody wants to be Blackberry or Nokia.

So how can you drive change within your company?

Forming new habits in your team can be difficult, so team members are often slow to get behind new tools. You don’t want to end up being the only person that loves the great new software.

Here are the five most common mistakes and tips on how to avoid them:

1. Announce your intentions.

What are you trying to achieve with this new piece of software? Most managers think that a new tool is obviously brought to the team for a positive solution, especially when the team is small. When KAWO is first introduced to a team, it is not rare for team members to think that it is implemented to track and control them, while what KAWO really brings to the team is data transparency and better collaboration. Make a positive announcement before your team gets it in a negative way.

2. Decide how often the new tool should be used.

Do you expect KAWO’s planning calendar to be updated by your team every morning, once a week or in time for a specific meeting? If you are not clear about your expectations, each team member will choose their own time for catching up with the tool, and it will never be properly up to date. Of course, the more regularly the tool is used, the better the quality of the data.

3. Be clear that using the new software is not optional.

It takes just one person not using KAWO properly to make others think that it’s okay to skip a day or two. This behavior spreads like wildfire. Remember, we’re talking about forming a habit, so especially in the first few weeks, you need to be very clear about what you want people to do. Be Mindful that people are extremely good at reading how serious you are about executing change and that there is no ‘going back’. Giving immediately feedback helps.

4. Share insights from the software.

One thing most social team members find really frustrating is being asked to do something which doesn’t seem to have clear results (for themselves). To help them, share how KAWO can assist your team to collaborate more easily. If there’s something that is still unclear encourage the team to raise questions in the WeChat group chat with us. At KAWO we strive to make your lives simple and we’re happy to listen.

5. Agree on the exact date when ‘launch’ happens.

It’s usually a good idea to have a trial period for people so everyone can familiarize themselves with the new tool. But if you don’t agree on a specific date, then some team members might want to wait until the last possible moment while early adopters notice that they’re the only ‘fools’, and they may decide to stop.

Introducing new software is about forming new habits. The process should be treated accordingly. It requires everyone, but especially the leader, to make a conscious effort.

Let us know your experiences and tips for getting your team to use new software.

Thanks to Pipedrive for the inspiration for this article.

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