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KAWO’ Social Media Marketing to Millennials in China

Global policy, national reforms, and access to the Internet have shaped experiences and values of Millennials in China. They find outlets and a variety of mediums for self-expression and see life as more than just making ends meet. Today, the purchasing power of this demographic is among the highest in China.

KAWO’s Social Media Marketing to Millennials in China helps brands to attract and convert them into a loyal audience.

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One of the Most Influential Consumer Groups in China

Millennials are the first generation in China to come of age in a consumer-driven society and an ‘open’ China. They are the top spenders in most consumer categories,especially in their penchant for technology purchases, outspending other consumer groups.

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Deeply Engaged in Online Activities and Spend Generously 

The infrastructure of the social media ecosystem was built during the time millennials came of age. 70% of Chinese millennials consider social media as their main source of information, and they are accustomed to discovering and sharing information through online channels.

In 2023, 55.8% of e-commerce users in China were between 25 to 44 years old, of whom the majority are millennials (27-42 years old). They are the main contributors to China’s e-commerce growth which is estimated at 12.23% per year between 2023 and 2027. 

Understand Chinese Millennials’ Evolving Characteristics and Needs

A stable and affluent economic environment enabled Chinese millennials to pursue diverse lifestyles tailored to their individual needs. However, society has presented Chinese millennials with unexpected challenges that have resulted in amplified social stress and economic pressure. Brands must understand their unique life stages to build better connections.

A screenshot of the content on Nostalgia Marketing, one of the approaches which brands can use to attract millennials

By targeting their unique history and emotions, brands have the opportunity to explore and cater to niche markets. This guide will systematically cover the following topics:

1)How did certain events and history shapemillennials?

2)Social media and online purchase habit of millennials

3)Characteristics and values of millennials

4)Nostalgia marketing and its case study

5)Diversity marketing and its case study

6)“Family economy” marketing and its case study


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