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Take Your Community Management to Another Level with KAWO’s Reposting Tool

With the release of KAWO v6, we have seen a host of new features take your Chinese social media game to a whole new level. One of the biggest advantages that we have at KAWO is an epic user base that is able to give us real-time feedback to help us improve our product.

Having this up close and personal view at the pain points of our users allows us to improve their workflow and save them time. Our latest feature is just another step in making KAWO your one-stop shop for Chinese social media success.

Introducing: Reposting with KAWO


This week we unlocked the ability to now schedule and publish Sina Weibo reposts directly from the KAWO platform. Rather than having to exit the platform entirely to repost, the entire process has now become centralized.


As of now, there are two ways to create a repost.

1. Repost your own post

First, you’ll need to find a post on your “Posts Published” timeline. Open the menu in the top right hand corner of the post, and click on “Repost”.

Add some text to your repost, and then hit “Publish” or create a scheduled time at some point in the future.

So, now you know how to repost your own posts but what about reposting posts from fans in your online community?

2. Repost any post from Weibo

To do this, you’ll first need to find a post on Weibo and right click on the time of the post. Then copy the link.

Open a new post in KAWO paste the link into the “Repost” field at the top.

Then add text, publish, or schedule as normal.


Reposting is an essential part of social media, and it is the very foundation of what makes content go viral.

We spoke to one of our users, Simon Ho, who uses KAWO to manage Liverpool FC’s Chinese social media. Here’s what he found to be the top benefits of the new reposting feature:

  1. For important news and events, it is useful to post multiple times to ensure your followers receive it.
  2. Let’s you forward content from related accounts that your followers might be interested in, helping them keep up-to-date.
  3. Encourages others to repost your content by reposting theirs.
  4. Allows you to repost other accounts’ posts outside main hours, so not to compete with your own content.

Going Forward

As well as focusing on more innovative features, we are also currently looking at ways to make reposting even quicker and easier by:

  1. Expanding repost images with a magnify button
  2. Adding a browser extension to allow one-button click to repost directly from www.weibo.com into KAWO.
  3. Reposting from the published tab into another brand of your organization within KAWO.
  4. Schedule to repost something on your planning timeline that has not yet been published.

As we progress with v6, make sure to check our blog regularly for any new product updates!

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