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Three Trends to Look For in 2024

With another trip around the sun completed, it’s that time for us to take a peek into the future and share what we think the new trends for the coming year will be.

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1. The marketer’s AI social media companion

In 2024, the use of AI in social media is transitioning from a mere buzz to a practical reality. With the exponential growth in social media interactions and content creation, marketers face the challenge of handling vast amounts of data.

AI integration into Software as a Service (SaaS) products and social media management platforms proves beneficial in managing this data overload.

Marketers can leverage AI tools to process and analyze real-time social media interactions, uncover public perceptions, track brand mentions and sentiment, analyze metrics, and evaluate the performance of social media campaigns. This integration facilitates more efficient data management, providing valuable insights for brands.

2. Generative insights, not just generative content

Beyond the popular notion of AI generating content, there is a deeper potential for AI to offer real-time insights and well-researched strategies. AI-driven data visualization and interpretation transform complex data sets into comprehensible visual formats, making them actionable.

Brands can use these insights to optimize campaigns, adjust strategies when needed, and even predict future trends and consumer behaviors. The impact extends beyond social media campaigns, influencing a brand’s entire business function. AI becomes a guiding force in product development, strategy formulation, customer experience enhancement, loyalty and retention initiatives, risk management, and operational efficiency.

3. Competition for attention on social media will soar

The current digital landscape witnesses a saturation of brands on social media platforms. Every brand, irrespective of size, maintains a presence, making it challenging to capture consumer attention. Despite increased user time on social media, standing out demands innovative approaches.

Recognizing the influence of user-generated content, brands are exploring new avenues such as leveraging employee advocacy. Brands are realizing the potential of featuring real people behind their organizations, providing an authentic touch that contrasts with overly produced material. Encouraging employees to share about the brand’s products or content on their personal social media adds a genuine and relatable dimension, catering to the authenticity sought by millennials and Gen Zs. This strategic shift goes beyond engaging influencers and signifies a broader understanding of effective brand communication in the digital age.

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