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KAWO’s Reporting & Competitors Data

KAWO tracks reporting data and competitor data from different sources:

  • Reporting data comes from the account’s API, which is official data.
  • Competitor data comes from public data, which Weibo comes from KAWO’s own tracking tool, WeChat, Douyin, Kuaishou, WeChat Channels and Xiaohongshu come from Newrank.

Why is the account’s backend data sometimes different from KAWO?

This may be caused by the difference in data update frequency between the platform’s backend and the KAWO’s backend. The data update frequency of the KAWO’s Reporting varies from hourly, every 6 hours to daily. While the social media platforms’ backend data update frequency is normally on daily basis. The time difference in obtaining the data can sometimes cause discrepancies.

You can see the metrics definition and its update frequency by mousing over certain metrics.

Why are the Weibo Engagement data in Reporting different from those in the Competitors?

This is because the Engagement data is calculated differently in the two modules:

  • The Engagement data in Reporting is calculated in the same way as the Engagement data in Weibo’s backend, which includes the number of reposts, comments, and likes. Note: The likes only include the likes of the post itself.
  • The Engagement data of the Competitors Module come from the public data, which includes the number of reposts, comments, and likes. Note: The likes also include the likes of the comments under the post. Therefore, this data is generally higher than the data in Reporting.

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