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KAWO Engage

By using KAWO Engage, brands can manage their social media feedback and comments in one place and understand audience emotions in an intelligent way.

How does KAWO Engage identify audience emotions?

Our Chinese language model AI is trained on thousands of manually labeled comments and reposts on social media. It can determine basic sentiment and detect 5 emotions such as happiness, anger or sadness.

Do I get real-time data from KAWO Engage?

KAWO Engage receives WeChat messages almost instantly; Comments on the newest (within one hour) WeChat articles are received faster than the older ones; At least once an hour, KAWO Engage updates Weibo comments & retweets.

Are there any plans to add comments, likes, and approval features to KAWO Engage in the future?

KAWO Engage can currently be used to approve comments on WeChat.

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