Latest KAWO Platform Updates

Patch  Thu 12 Oct

Version 30.2.5

  • Weibo posts can now contain up to 5,000 characters 🎉
  • Fixed a bug with selecting metrics when exporting the spreadsheet for the tags pie charts 🐛
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the QR Code when mouse-hovering on WeChat Competitor accounts 🐛
  • Fixed a bug with the UI sometimes incorrectly detecting unsaved changes when viewing posts 🐛
Patch  Tue 10 Oct

Version 30.2.3

  • Fixed issue cutting off text on the dashboard tiles
  • Fixed some WeChat post definitions
Minor  Wed 27 Sep

Version 30.2

  • You can now search for competitors by account name or ID
  • Fixed some translations in reporting
  • Fixed a bug with article reach not showing in search stats 🐛
Minor  Thu 14 Sep

Version 30.1

  • You can now view Weibo post ‘Image Clicks’ in the Data Center
  • Improved the accuracy of Weibo average video views in the Data Center
  • Fixed an issue with links in the setup checklist 🐛
  • Fixed an issue with translating inspiration posts on Safari 🐛
    Major  Thu 31 Aug

    Version 30

    • You can now enable 2-factor authentication using your phone number or WeChat account!
    Patch  Wed 23 Aug

    Version 29.4.5

    • Improved post history display when posts and articles are added and removed from campaigns
    • SimpleContent, a WeChat auto-tag, is now displayed & handled correctly
    • Fixed a bug with filtering WeChat tags on the planning calendar 🐛
    • Fixed a bug with displaying the Weibo phone preview when hashtags are not closed properly before a line break 🐛
    Patch  Thu 17 Aug

    Version 29.4.4

    • Fixed issue with previewing expandable SVG in WeChat articles 🐛
    Patch  Thu 10 Aug

    Version 29.4.3

    • You can now view both follower growth rates as a percentage and number in KAWO Competitors
    • The follower growth rates will show as a percentage decimal on spreadsheet exports for compatibility with other software; sorting by follower growth will use the absolute number instead of the percentage
    • Fixed an issue with clearing filters on the planning calendar 🐛
    Patch  Tue 25 Jul

    Version 29.4.2

    • You can now export competitors’ follower growth rate as a percentage in the spreadsheet 📝
    • Fixed an issue with preserving line breaks after copying & pasting text into posts 🐛