Minor  Wed 21 Jul

Version 23.3

  • Users can now auto-translate WeChat text articles in preview into English with one click.
  • We’ve added text auto-translate function to the Douyin preview.
  • Users can now switch to different phones when previewing posts. 
  • We’ve added a dark-mode option to the WeChat article preview mode.
Patch  Wed 7 Jul

Version 23.2.2

    li>We’ve fixed a bug with displaying .mov videos.
  • We enabled WeChat Mini-Program Collaboration for all organizations.
Minor  Thu 1 Jul

Version 23.2

    li>Users can now set WeChat trackable QR Codes to auto-respond with published articles.
Minor  Thu 24 Jun

Version 23.1

    li>Videos in Weibo posts now allow setting the cover image.
  • We’ve improved the UI for selecting Douyin video cover images.
  • Users can now add border & corner radius styles in the WeChat article editor.
  • We’ve fixed display bug with x-axis labels on charts.
  • We’ve fixed various WeChat editor bugs.
  • Updated KAWO logo.
  • Updated Weibo emojis.
Patch  Thu 10 Jun

Version 23.0.10

    li>We’ve fixed a bug on WeChat article editor.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with the display of dates in Chinese on billing invoices.
Patch  Wed 26 May

Version 23.0.6

    li>We’ve fixed a bug with adding QR codes to WeChat articles.
  • Added alignment buttons to WeChat editor image options.
  • Prevent HTML characters when pasting into article titles and descriptions.
  • Improvements to the WeChat editor color-picker.
  • We’ve fixed a bug causing articles not to display fully.
Patch  Mon 24 May

Version 23.0.4

    li>We’ve fixed a bug with switching phones in the WeChat editor.
  • Disabled Grammarly on KAWO editor to prevent issues when commenting internally.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with an issue when pasting text sometimes creates a new paragraph in the WeChat article editor.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with approval flow when saving WeChat articles.
Major  Sun 23 May

V23 WeChat Collaboration

    li>We’ve launched WeChat Mini-program collaboration beta.
  • We’ve launched a new WeChat article editor.
  • Improvements to the display of whether users have seen internal comments.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with pasting links with hashtags into Weibo posts.
Patch  Mon 26 Apr

Version 22.0.6

    li>We‘ve fixed a bug for enabling Chrome browser notifications.