Latest KAWO Platform Updates

Patch  Tue 7 Mar

Version 28.7.4

  • Fixed a bug with competitors’ top content missing the last day of the selected date range. 🐛
  • You can now select competitor stats from 30 days before your organization was created.
Patch  Thu 2 Mar

Version 28.7.3

  • Fixed a bug with displaying tag pie charts in Firefox browser. 🐛
  • Prevent pasting <br> into WeChat article description.
Patch  Mon 27 Feb

Version 28.7.2

  • Dragging in Smart Scheduling now snaps to the nearest 5 minutes. ⌚️
  • Enabled dragging in Smart Scheduling for mobile devices. 📱
Minor  Thu 23 Feb

Version 28.7

  • Released Smart Scheduling, allowing you to use hourly prediction data to decide on the best time to schedule posts for all networks 🎉
  • Fixed a bug with searching Chinese characters in the WeChat Article Gallery🐛
Minor  Tue 14 Feb

Version 28.6

  • You can now see much more of your competitors‘ top content in KAWO 🎉
  • You can now filter & search your competitors top content in greater detail 🎉
  • Fixed an issue where exporting image sometimes fails when a post contains certain links 🐛
  • Fixed a bug with selecting Douyin-only tags 🐛
Patch  Thu 9 Feb

Version 28.5.10

  • Fixed some styling issues in Reporting on mobile devices
  • Fixed “Create new Kuaishou post” button sometimes missing
  • Fixed issue with selections being reset after opening and closing a post from the Data Center
Patch  Tue 31 Jan

Version 28.5.9

  • Fixed an issue where the create new brand page sometimes cannot be closed
  • Updated Weibo emojis 😊
Patch  Mon 16 Jan

Version 28.5.6

  • Fixed a bug preventing invalid tags on published WeChat articles 🐛
Patch  Mon 16 Jan

Version 28.5.5

  • Fixed Weibo competitor images on the brand dashboard & weekly reports archive
  • Fixed a bug with the WeChat backend videos gallery in the article editor 🐛