Latest KAWO Platform Updates

Patch  Wed 29 Nov 2023

Version 33.1.1

  • Restored brand action items in the organization’s brand list. This means when KAWO users hover over the colored icons ⚙️ on the Organization Brands page, they instantly know what to do.
Minor  Wed 29 Nov 2023

Version 33.1

  • You can now search WeChat Competitors’ Top Content by typing the article author’s name 🎉
Patch  Tue 21 Nov 2023

Version 32.2.5

  • Fixed a bug with displaying the trajectory chart for follower KPIs
  • Updated the input labels in Chinese when sending WeChat article previews to a phone
Patch  Fri 3 Nov 2023

Version 32.2.2

  • Fixed an issue causing some WeChat article SVGs to display incorrectly