Latest KAWO Platform Updates

Patch  Thu 4 Aug

Version 25.11.6

  • Fixed a bug with opening Weibo competitor’s top post on Weibo. 🐛
  • Minor improvements to the competitor’s UI.

Patch  Tue 19 Jul

Version 25.11.5

  • Fixed the post count for the current brand in the Weibo competitor account stats.
  • Fixed a bug with enabling Chrome notifications.
Patch  Mon 18 Jul

Version 25.11.4

  • Fixed a bug with loading more than 25 competitors top content.
Patch  Mon 18 Jul

Version 25.11.3

  • Competitors Beta: You can now use auto-translate on the top content of the new competitor networks.
  • Competitors Beta: You can now filter competitor accounts for WeChat OA & Weibo competitors top content.
  • Competitors Beta: Improvements to the competitors UI in Chinese.
  • Fixed a bug with the date range on the export competitor filename.
  • Updated Weibo emojis.
Patch  Mon 18 Jul

Version 25.11.2

  • Competitors Beta: Improvements to stat definitions.
  • Competitors Beta: You can now filter per account for competitors top content.
Patch  Mon 4 Jul

Version 25.11.1

  • You can now set competitor’s date range from when your organization was created.
  • Competitors beta: you can now edit each competitor group in the competitors dropdown menu.
  • When searching competitors, you can now see both followers count and account description if available.
  • Competitors beta: minor visual tweaks.
Minor  Wed 29 Jun

Version 25.11

  • Weibo posts will now display the IP location that you saved the post from.

Patch  Wed 29 Jun

Version 25.10.16

  • You can now see the WeChat article position in the search results table.
  • Fixed some bugs with the WeChat post reads pie chart. 🐛
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the published date for segmented WeChat posts. 🐛
  • Updated Weibo post impressions update frequency message.

Patch  Thu 23 Jun

Version 25.10.14

  • Improved QR Code stats Chinese description
  • Fixed competitors export image filename

Patch  Thu 23 Jun

Version 25.10.13

  • Use scheduled date in spreadsheet export for scheduled WeChat articles
  • Include network in the filename for competitors’ spreadsheet export
  • Fixed Emplifi login when 3rd-party cookies disabled causing fail to load
  • Renamed competitor networks to WeChat OA & Xiaohongshu