Guide to China Social Metrics

Social media plays an increasingly important role in brand awareness, audience engagement and conversion contribution for brands in China. Every social media platform is unique and ever-evolving, meanwhile different marketing teams implement different strategies.

It’s difficult to align the value of social media among the senior leadership, the managers and front-line employees, making it an ongoing challenge to effectively measure marketing efforts.

Having a systematic structure for the myriad of social media metrics is what brands and agencies desperately need under mounting competition and marginal pressure.

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To help marketers in their daily efforts to track performance and translate KPIs into actual business success, this guide covers: 

1)Overview on mainstream China social platforms

2)Defining metrics categories;

3)Tracking social media customer journey with marketing funnel;

4)Selecting appropriate KPIs on different China social platforms (WeChat, Channels, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, RED, Bilibili);

5)How to make KPIs work;

6)How to measure conversion.

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