Social Media Marketing to
Generation Z in China 2023

They are digital natives. They are trendsetters, fueling domestic brand growth for the first time in history. How much do you know about Generation Z in China?

The generation reshaping retail trends of the entire nation —— China’s Gen Z, born between 1995 and 2009, referred to as the “post-95 and 00 generation”, number close to 260 million, making up 19% of China’s total population. Now they are the new consumer force in China.

Chinese Gen Z consumers are vastly different from their parent’s generation. Everything from personal preferences, brand awareness, purchasing power and sophisticated digital literacy is reshaping how brands reach, connect with, and retain consumers in China. 

How can your brand effectively reach and retain Gen Z consumers in China? Through this whitepaper you’ll find the context and insights necessary to formulate and execute a competitive marketing strategy to capture one of China’s largest consumer groups. The following topics are included:

Events that Shaped Gen Z 

The Digital Generation 

Gen Z Core Values & Characteristics 

Impactful Channels 

Marketing Strategies for Gen Z (Guochao, Cosmic Cosplay, Video, Conscious Consumerism)

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