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Why are We Offering FREE Webinars?

At KAWO it’s our mission to help empower China social media marketing teams. This is why we spent 6 months researching, writing and designing our Ultimate Guide. We love getting the chance to connect with teams all over the world and share what we’ve learned about China’s unique social media ecosystem.

What Does a Webinar Involve?

You’ll get a 60 to 90 minute customized walkthrough of our 2022 Ultimate Guide by one of the editors (see below). We obviously can’t cover all of the guide in that time so please select from the following list of topics that you would like us to focus on:

(We recommend selecting 10 – 15 topics for a 60 minute webinar and as many as 25 topics for a 90 minute webinar.)

List of Webinar Topics

  1. Introduction to the Internet in China
  2. Why China has Different Social Platforms
  3. How COVID Impacted China
  4. Quick History of China’s Economic Growth
  5. Future Consumer Growth in China
  6. Chinese Consumer Profiles
  7. Generations in China
  8. Tech Rivalries in China
  9. China’s Crackdown on Big Tech
  10. Big Tech’s Impact on Marketing
  11. Marketing in China
    • Challenges Building a China Marketing Team
    • Advice for Entering The Chinese Market
    • Advice for Bridging the Gap between HQ & China
    • Rising Popularity of Chinese Brands
    • Major China Marketing Trends
    • Retention Marketing & Community Management
    • B2B Marketing
    • New 2021 Internet Privacy Laws
    • Ecommerce Festivals
    • Social Media Metrics
    • Understanding Fake Followers
  12. Influencer Marketing (KOLs)
    • China Influencer Marketing Tips
    • China’s Megastar Influencers
    • Challenges of Influencer Marketing
  13. WeChat
    • Introduction to WeChat
    • WeChat Ecosystem & Marketing Funnel for Brands
    • New WeChat Video Channels
    • Rising Importance of WeChat Search
    • WeChat Official Accounts
    • Creating WeChat Articles
    • WeChat Mini Programs
    • Ecommerce on WeChat
    • WeCom (WeChat for Work)
    • WeChat’s Open Platform & Social CRM
      (Marketing automation on WeChat)
    • Advertising on WeChat
  14. Weibo
  15. Little Red Book (Xiao Hong Shu)
  16. Video & Livestreaming
    • Douyin
    • Kuaishou
    • BiliBili
  17. Ecommerce
  18. Mobile Payments
  19. Niche Social Platforms
  20. Q & A

Who Could Benefit from a Webinar?

How to Request a Webinar?

Fill the Webinar Request Form. Remember to share with us:

  1. A bit about your audience.
  2. Preferred date & time for your webinar.
  3. What topics you’d like us to cover (see list above).