China’s Digital
Landscape in 2020

As we begin to emerge from the chaos, 75% of Chinese consumers are optimistic that the economy will start to recover in the next 6 months. We’ve also seen how digital channels are more important than ever to reach consumers.

So KAWO has created the Ultimate Introduction to Social Media in China to help businesses to connect with their audience.


Understand China’s rich & diverse digital landscape & the opportunities for your company to reach its target audience.

Our 156 slide guide features:

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5 Highlights from The Guide


How China has Digitally surpassed the West

Our report looks at the stunning growth of internet access in China and the behaviors of Chinese Netizens.

In 2019 Mark Zuckerberg even admitted he had a lot to learn from WeChat…


How China has Digitally surpassed the West

We studied all the different ways China’s population is distributed and show how much growth potential still lies ahead.


Clash of China’s Tech Titans

We studied China’s tech Titans and looked at the battle grounds where their rivalries play out.


China’s Top 3 Social Apps

We looked at the growth of China’s 3 dominant social platforms and describe in detail the opportunities for brands.


China’s Changing Ecommerce Landscape

While Alibaba dominates e-commerce, the model is shifting to be more social and new platforms are creating new opportunities for brands.

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