Guide to Social Media Marketing in China 2022

It’s KAWO’s mission to help empower China social media marketing teams. We’d love to share with teams our views on China’s unique social media ecosystem through webinar.


We spent 6 months, going through 330+ sources, interviewing 18 experts, writing 112 pages

to create…

The Ultimate Guide to China Social Media Marketing 2022

In this guide, you will learn about…

The Big Picture

History of the internet & diversity in China, unique consumer archetypes and generations…

A sample slide which illustrates different city tier and that lower tier cities drive different growth.

China’s Tech Rivalries

A tap into the tech ecosystem in China – looking at the key players, winners & losers of 2021, revenue models & how that affects doing marketing on their platforms…

A sample slide in the guide explains the tech rivalries of China and its revenue model

An Entire Chapter on Marketing in China!

From covering hottest China marketing trends to the 996 situation in Chinese marketing agencies to some uniquely local marketing tactics such as private traffic, KOL marketing, and how these all link up with the new Personal Information Privacy Laws (PIPL)…

A sample slide illustrates the three major marketing trends in China: Guochao, hanfu and laying flat

Platform Introduction

Overview of 20+ major Chinese social media/e-commerce platforms – popular and niche.

A sample slide explains a social media platform called Bilibili, a video sharing site.

A Thorough Breakdown of WeChat

… with all its features, WeChat and its marketing capabilities deserved an entire chapter!

A sample slide looks into all Wechat functions and where in the marketing funnel it belongs to.

Expert contributors

Insights from experts on topics such as the PIPL, China’s tech crackdowns, China ecommerce, working with KOLs or being a KOL, China market entry… the list goes on.

A sample slide analyzes Douyin and Kuaishou. They are Chinese equivalent of TikTok and competitors to each other)

Who Could Benefit from a Webinar?

Webinar Presenter

KAWO Co-Founder Alex Duncan's headshot

Alex Duncan

Co-Founder & Editor

Alex was born and grew up in a small village in England. In 2007 after graduating with a degree in Zoology from Durham University, he decided to skip the normal & safe path into a graduate job and with a taste for adventure booked a flight to China. The fast pace and excitement of Shanghai suited Alex perfectly and he got involved in a range of different startups. While working for Starwood Hotels on digital marketing projects he met Brian van Damme and the two of them Co-founded KAWO. Over the past 8 years Alex has worked across all areas of the company and in the process built a deep understanding of Digital marketing in China.

What Does a Webinar Involve?

You’ll get a 60 to 90 minute customized walkthrough of our 2022 Ultimate Guide by our editor. We obviously can’t cover all of the guide during that time so after you send us a request, we’ll reach out to you and learn which topics from the following list you are interested the most, and we would focus on those.

List of Webinar Topics

list of topics part one
list of topics part 2