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Free Image Resizing Tools for Social Media 2022

Adding images to your content makes your posts more engaging, fun and memorable. However, the worst thing you can do today is posting an incorrectly sized photo to your social channels. In this article, we will cover free image resizing tools to compress your photos for social.

Free image resizing tools in this article all fall into following four categories:

Notes: In lossy compression, the original form of an image file will be compromised, while in lossless compression, a file will be restored in its original form, and the file size is much bigger.

Built-in Tools on laptop

If you are using a PC, Microsoft photos can be a great basic choice.

If you are using a Mac, Preview is the best option.

Free Image Resizing Software

Caesium is a photo compressing software that works both on PC and Mac. It provides both lossy and lossless compression. On a PC it works like this:

On a Mac the interface is a bit different, but the overall functionalities are the same:

Imageoptim is a similar software to Caesium and very convenient for Mac users.

Free Image Resizing Apps on Smartphone

If you are using a smartphone, there are two apps we recommend.

The first one is Image Size:

The second one is Photo Compress 

Online Free Resizing Tools

Jpegreducer can resize up to 50 images at the same time and offers 3 different quality options for compression.

Squoosh is a high quality photo compression tool which professional level photo editing functionalities.

Now that you have all the images resized, look into KAWO to manage all your social media content with this comprehensive all-in-one solution for China Social Media.

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