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NEW: Schedule WeChat Posts with KAWO

After months of hard work we are now launching our first WeChat feature, allowing users to schedule WeChat posts using KAWO.

Many of the accounts on KAWO see the most engagement late in the evening or early in the morning. For the people managing those accounts this means logging on to publish posts outside of office hours. Now with KAWO you can create the content whenever you like and simply set the exact time you want it to go out. The risk of missing a crucial post is now gone.

Content is king and never has this been more true than when publishing on WeChat. Our mission at KAWO is to remove all of the hassle allowing your team to focus on creating awesome content.

Many more new WeChat features scheduled to launch in the coming weeks.

KAWO is an enterprise social media management platform for Weibo & WeChat. To learn more, simply visit our website and schedule a demo.

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