Case Study

How a Global Animal Health Brand Drives
Their Category Growth in China with KAWO

Virbac, the sixth-largest global animal health pharmaceutical group from France, entered the Chinese market in 2002. Renowned for its high-end pet cleaning and care products, Virbac’s flagship products was consistently ranked first in their category for 3 consecutive years, leading category growth in China.

Much of the success can be attributed to the brand’s social media strategy.

According to Virbac’s community manager, the brand’s social media matrix was strategically devised from the beginning. Using platforms like WeChat, Weibo and Douyin, reinforced by KAWO, Virbac has effectively conveyed its position as a leading industry name while communicating scientific pet care concepts and knowledge with its consumers.

A recent WeChat post by Virbac addressing dog skin allergies garnered remarkable engagement, with over 100 comments from pet owners who resonated with the content and eagerly shared their personal knowledge and experience.

The impressive level of engagement Virbac has attained through its social media management is further reinforced by KAWO, which effectively addressed 3 critical pain points for Virbac, refining their social media operational practices in China.

Pain Point 1: Complex Collaboration Required for High Quality Social Media Content

To differentiate itself from competitors in the local pet care industry, Virbac needs to create engaging social media content that must capture the attention of pet owners and effectively communicate the brand’s value However, the content creation process requires a lot of collaboration between the marketing and product teams, as well as coordination between headquarters and other teams in the Asia-Pacific region to ensure timely publication. These processes make it a time-consuming and labor-intensive endeavor.

Solution: Unified Social Media Content Management & Collaboration

KAWO facilitates multi-terminal content review and annotation, automates content scheduling, and displays all social media platform content plans on a single page, streamlining collaboration and simplifying coordination efforts.

A fake dataset is used to demonstrate KAWO’s Overview.

Results: The collaborative workflow and transparent presentation of report data align management and execution layers, as well as internal and external teams’ perceptions, facilitating efficient content management.

“We need a suitable and efficient workflow to better unify content management and streamline collaboration time.”

                                                   —— Community Manager Alex, Virbac

Pain Point 2: Difficulty in Controlling Social Media Performance across Different Topics

Virbac’s social media content covers various product types, such as “Oral Care” and “Ear Cleaning,” each yielding different click and share rates. Without clear data feedback, it is challenging to understand consumer preferences and formulate effective content strategies.

Solution: Tag Analysis for Data Visualization

KAWO categorizes content using tags, enabling horizontal comparison of data across different tags and vertical comparison of tag performance across various social media metrics, providing clear insights into content effectiveness.

A fake dataset is used to demonstrate KAWO’s Tagging feature.

Results: By tracking and optimizing content selection under specific topic tags like #LovePetsCleaner, Virbac continually strives to understand consumer preferences and pinpoint customer interest points.

“KAWO’s Tagging feature enables the team to visually observe growth trends and understand if tagged keywords are adequately exposed, thus aiding in the formulation of the next content plan.”

                                                   —— Community Manager Alex, Virbac

Pain Point 3: Time-consuming Data Collection

For higher-level decision-makers, a comprehensive data evaluation, including competitors’ performance data, is crucial for assessing Virbac’s social media marketing effectiveness. However, identifying and collecting such data are time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Solution: Intuitive Presentation of Competitor Data

KAWO presents competitor data and top-performing competitor content, ranking competitors based on different social media metrics and content performance. All data is updated in real-time, enabling instant report generation.

A fake dataset is used to demonstrate KAWO’s Competitors feature.

Results: Decision-makers gain comprehensive insights into market behavior, facilitating strategic adjustments. Virbac’s Community Manager, Alex, shares intuitive benchmarking data with colleagues globally, allowing a clear understanding of the brand’s current market presence and future strategic objectives.

“Digital marketing evolves rapidly, with new strategies emerging constantly. We aim to focus our attention on creating superior content. KAWO has helped us achieve this goal.”

                                                   —— Community Manager Alex, Virbac

It’s truly inspiring to see the remarkable level of engagement Virbac has achieved through its refined social media management practices.

KAWO’s solution has effectively addressed pain points for global brands like Virbac, enabling them to refine their social media operations in China. If interested, feel free to schedule a demo with us to learn more.