A Bilingual China Social Media
Management Platform

Work seamlessly and frictionlessly with your China team
Gain insights into your content performance and competitors
Make better marketing decisions faster

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Multiple Accounts

  • Manage all China social networks in one place
  • Collaborate simultaneously to improve efficiency
  • Have everything in one dashboard that connects enterprise API and Google Data Studio

KAWO partners with Emplifi and Hootsuite, and supports automatic translation of Chinese posts into English, bringing you the best solution to the uniquely different China market.


  • Create, review and approve your content across China social networks from a single platform
  • Schedule and publish content for optimal time with machine learning
  • Measure and optimize strategy with content tagging

Protect your brand with KAWO’s secure personnel access to the company account and two-step content approval.

Data Insights

  • Obtain and analyze real-time data of all your China social media networks
  • Automatically monitor competitors and browse their top content to gain insights and inspiration
  • Automate reports available in both Chinese and English

KAWO can help you monitor your social media budget, set realistic KPIs based on historical data, and track real-time progress.