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How to Have an Effective
China Marketing Team in 2023

Understand the current China marketing landscape and what challenges to expect in 2023

Navigate the challenging marketing environment with an effective China team

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The world economy is showing a broad-based and sharper-than-expected slowdown as the main engines of global growth – the US, China, and Europe – all experience weakening activity. Uncoincidentally, consumer confidence has also plummeted to an all time low in 2022 … the future seems bleak.

Under this climate, many marketing teams are facing new challenges such as indiscriminate budget cuts and demanding KPIs, which were put in place by decision makers in an attempt to weather through the hard time.

However, are these the best approaches? In this often short-term oriented market, do these methods promote the immediate survival at the expense of a healthy long-term growth or strategy? What other options are there for you to have the best in both worlds? KAWO would like to share our insights to help marketers navigate the unique options that lie ahead.

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