How a Global Beauty Brand Boosted
Their Social Media Strategy with KAWO

Brand Overview

In recent years, the scale of the beauty industry has grown constantly, and companies have paid more and more attention to online marketing and brand promotion. The featured global beauty brand has a carefully crafted brand voice and target customer group, utilizing big data analysis to formulate their marketing strategies across various platforms.


Even as a multinational giant, the brand faces various challenges in marketing strategic planning and execution in China especially under the COVID-19 pandemic and fiercely competitive environment.

Results and Insights

Social media is a crucial touchpoint to get close to users and gain market insights. By understanding the historical data of social media platforms, brands can compare the past performances with the current ones and thus make corresponding optimizations and improvements. Popular content and topics could also be tracked and captured for marketing effectiveness enhancements.

Leveraging KAWO, the global beauty brand successfully boosted their social media strategy through accurate historical data analysis, visualization tag classification and competitor insights. Click below to view the full case study👇🏻