KAWO For Bilibili

A Simpler, yet Secured Way to Manage Bilibili

Get data and insights fast
Improve your team’s workflow

KAWO solves the biggest problems teams face managing Bilibili Accounts

Chaotic Teamwork

With teams and agencies spread around the world, communication can be time-consuming.

Information is easily lost or misinterpreted. Language barriers and time differences exacerbate the already slow workflow.

Poor Douyin workflow and data analytics cause employee pain
Lacking Data Insights

Gathering and understanding the nuances of China social media metrics is difficult and time-consuming. 

Waiting for your China team to collect and translate data makes it hard to gain insights and adjust content strategy fast enough.

Streamline and Simplify Your Bilibili Workflow 

See Version History

KAWO keeps every single version of your Bilibili post. Easily view changes and switch back to an older version if you change your mind.

Stay on Track with Shared Calendars

All team members can be simultaneously updated on any changes to events or content plans. Bilibili management just became a whole lot easier.

Seamless Collaboration Makes Teams More Effective

Add unlimited users to your KAWO account including clients, vendors and internal teams. Replace long email chains with transparent and orderly workflows;
Provide definitions of China social media metrics so that everyone understands the data.

Bilingual & Safe Approval

Automatic translation and an English Dashboard support non-Chinese speaking teams to review content and understand metrics;
Protect the reputation of your brand with simple and transparent approval. Only content approved by authorized users can be published.

Organized Media Library

Use KAWO’s media library to store, organize and search all materials in seconds by keywords, user or upload date. Learn more >>

Enterprise Security

No more insecure sharing of usernames and passwords. Each KAWO user can be assigned access and deleted in two clicks.

Perform Better on Bilibili with Easy Access to Insights

Real-Time Data Keeps You Ahead of the Curve

KAWO generates Bilibili reports using real-time accurate Bilibili official account data to help you instantly identify changes and act to improve efficiency and update your team or clients with progress. Keeping teams focused on work that delivers results.

Use tagging visualizations to categorize content for deeper insights.

Exclusive Analytics Report on Data Metrics of Douyin Official Accounts
Download Team-friendly Reports with One Click

Stop wasting time crunching data and creating reports.

Create custom reports with one click. 

Each Bilibili Metric has its own analytics report page.

KAWO also partners closely with Emplifi and Hootsuite to support clients with the best solution for different markets.

Monitor Competitors

Automatically monitor the performance of your competitors. Browse their top content and gain insights & inspiration. Learn more>>

API for High Level Dashboards

KAWO’s Enterprise API and connector for Google Data Studio easily bring your China social data into high-level marketing dashboards. Learn more>>

Make Managing Bilibili a Breeze!