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Adding Social Media Destination Managers

Step One: Select Brand Settings

Step Two: In the red box, add, remove, or replace team members of the respective social networks.

Organization Brands

For KAWO organization users, Organization Brands, an organization-level feature of KAWO, displays information such as brand names, account names, user number to each brand etc. The page also allows users to Add Brands and Archive Brands.

Creating Campaigns in KAWO

Step One: Select Campaigns in the menu. Click + New Campaigns in the top left corner.

Step Two: Enter the campaign’s name, date range, description and budget, then click Save.

Purple lines indicate marketing activities that have been created in the marketing calendar


Account stats

Post stats

In case of further API issues, please reach out to your customer success manager at KAWO.

Organization Stats

Organization Stats is an organization-level feature of KAWO. It consists of four sections: Data Overview, Brand Ranking, Platform Ranking, and Trends.

Data Overview

With Data Overview, your organization can quickly see how its resources are allocated across social media platforms with Group Resource (the number of brands and accounts), Account Activeness (the number of posts and active brands), and Brand Impact (the number of followers and exposure to the platform).

In the upper right corner, select the date range.

  • Select a date range using KAWO preset options: day, week, month, etc.
  • Or choose any time range with no length limit.

You can view your organization’s performance breakdown on 5 social media network. WeChat, for instance, offers metrics such as Follower Growth, Follower Growth Rate, Followers, Articles, Total Reads, and Reads Per Thousand Followers.

Brand Ranking

Brand Ranking allows users to view the Contribution and Activeness of each brand’s account across 5 social media networks, offering metrics such as Follower Growth, Followers, Articles, Reads, and Reads Per Thousand Followers.

Platform Ranking

Platform Ranking allows users to track the relative growth and performance of the organization’s social media accounts across 5 social media networks, offering metrics such as Follower Growth, Followers, Articles, Reads, and Reads Per Thousand Followers.


Trends provides users with efficient statistics, comparisons by date range (e.g. Year on Year), team comparisons, and platform comparisons.

  • Comparisons by date range: Within the selected time period, users can compare the performance of single or multiple social media platforms.
  • Team comparisons: Within the selected time period, users can compare the performance of single or multiple brands on a given platform, and available metrics include Follower Growth, Followers, Articles, Reads, Reads Per Thousand Followers, and Share.
  • Platform comparisons: Within the selected time period, users can compare the performance of single or multiple platforms, and available metrics include Follower Growth, Followers, Articles, and Reads.

Adding Posts to Campaigns

KAWO’s Campaign feature helps marketing teams accomplish specific goals in an organized and active manner.

What are the steps to add posts to a campaign?

Step one: Go to Search, and click on Filter

Step two: Select a date range, and click Published under “Post Status” to take a look at all posts that meet your criteria.

Step three: Once you have opened the post view, go to Meta, select an existing campaign

Click Save Post when you are done with all these steps

The fourth step is to go to Campaigns, click on the active one, and you will see the posts that have been added to the campaign.

AI Audit Setup

Organization Setting

Upon subscribing to the feature, organization owners can enable it in the Organization Setting page.

Brand Setting

If enabled, all content created by brand users in your organization must pass AI Audit before being published.

If not enabled, brand users in your organization have the option to use AI Audit to check text, images, and videos in their posts and block publishing if sensitive content is detected.

AI Audit: Automated Compliance Detection

Organizations and brands managing multiple accounts across different Chinese social media platforms find it increasingly challenging and costly to manually identify potentially illegal content relating to Chinese advertising laws, political sensitivities, or obscenities.

AI Audit solves the exact pain by providing comprehensive AI-enabled checks of sensitive content in texts, images, and videos before publishing to protect brands.

What does AI Audit do for me ?

KAWO’s AI Audit feature helps brands detect potentially illegal content, political sensibilities, and obscenities with a proactive approach:

  • To ensure compliance with legal requirements, industry regulations, and advertising standards.
  • To eradicate misinformation by identifying and rectifying inaccuracies or misleading claims.
  • To minimize PR risks by addressing potential issues or sensitive topics.

Note: The feature is not included in the existing KAWO packages. If you are interested in learning more about the feature, please contact us, or reach out to your KAWO customer success manager via the WeCom group chat.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security system that requires two separate, distinct forms of identification in order to access something.

In KAWO, the first factor is a password and the second includes a text with a code sent to your smartphone, and a WeChat QR code. You can enable the 2-factor authentication once you’ve bound your WeChat account or mobile phone number.

How to bind my mobile phone number?

How to bind my WeChat account?

2-factor authentication enabled:

  • When you log into KAWO with email and password, a secondary verification will be required via your bound mobile number or WeChat.
  • When logging into KAWO using WeChat or a mobile phone number, a secondary verification will be required via email and password.

How do I unbind my cell phone number and WeChat account?

Approving Post Request

Users of KAWO are clearly informed of the approval steps when creating a new post, and in most cases, they cannot post directly from KAWO. You can see how many posts are awaiting approval in the dashboard.

How to approve post requests?

Under META, click the Approve button to approve the request.

Resetting Post Approval