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Creating Xiaohongshu Posts with KAWO

KAWO’s editor for Xiaohongshu not only offers consistent functionality with the desktop version, but also includes translation, preview export, and historical data deposition.

How to create a Xiaohongshu post using KAWO?

Step one: Log into your KAWO brand account, click on the red square in the top right corner, and choose “New Xiaohongshu”.

  • Click on the red square in the top right corner of your brand dashboard, and choose “New Xiaohongshu”.
Creating Xiaohongshu Posts with KAWO插图
  • Or, select Planning -> Calendar in the menu bar, click on “+” then choose “New Xiaohongshu” and “Open Full Post View”
Creating Xiaohongshu Posts with KAWO插图1

Step two: Choose whether you want to create a video or image note:

  • To create an Image Note, upload up to 18 images from the KAWO Media Library. You can drag to change the order. Note that the first image will be a cover image.
Creating Xiaohongshu Posts with KAWO插图2
  • To create a Video Note, upload a video from the KAWO Media Library. You can set the cover image by selecting a video frame or uploading an image.
Creating Xiaohongshu Posts with KAWO插图3

Step three: You can enter a title and copy, add topic hashtags and create a location before scheduling a publishing date.

Creating Xiaohongshu Posts with KAWO插图4

KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles

KAWO offers a one-stop solution for producing WeChat articles from planning, editing, creation, review, approval, and scheduling. In addition to KAWO’s one-in-all WeChat article creation solution, KAWO also offers the following two ways for brands and organizations to publish and create WeChat articles:

How to use KAWO’s WeChat Editor?

Step one: Select New WeChat on Planning/Calendar, click on Open Full post view to enter KAWO’s WeChat editor.

KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图

Step two: Click on Add Article and select KAWO Editor

KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图1

Step three: Users can directly create content on the KAWO Editor page. For advanced interactive effects in WeChat articles, users can use “HTML Edit” to copy and paste complex design codes into the KAWO Editor.

KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图2
KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图3

To preview how the code will appear on mobile devices, switch to “View Article”, and click on the device icon as indicated.

KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图4
KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图5

Issue of not Supporting WeChat Red Envelope Covers

Due to API restrictions, KAWO does not currently support the publication of WeChat articles with red envelope covers. If you need to send a red envelope cover, please publish directly in the WeChat backend.

After publishing your articles will be pulled into KAWO and stats will be tracked as normal. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 🙏

Adding Social Media Destination Managers

Step One: Select Brand Settings

Adding Social Media Destination Managers插图

Step Two: In the red box, add, remove, or replace team members of the respective social networks.

Adding Social Media Destination Managers插图1

Organization Brands

For KAWO organization users, Organization Brands, an organization-level feature of KAWO, displays information such as brand names, account names, user number to each brand etc. The page also allows users to Add Brands and Archive Brands.

Organization Brands插图