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KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles

KAWO offers a one-stop solution for producing WeChat articles from planning, editing, creation, review, approval, and scheduling. In addition to KAWO’s one-in-all WeChat article creation solution, KAWO also offers the following two ways for brands and organizations to publish and create WeChat articles:

How to use KAWO’s WeChat Editor?

Step one: Select New WeChat on Planning/Calendar, click on Open Full post view to enter KAWO’s WeChat editor.

KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图

Step two: Click on Add Article and select KAWO Editor

KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图1

Step three: Users can directly create content on the KAWO Editor page. For advanced interactive effects in WeChat articles, users can use “HTML Edit” to copy and paste complex design codes into the KAWO Editor.

KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图2
KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图3

To preview how the code will appear on mobile devices, switch to “View Article”, and click on the device icon as indicated.

KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图4
KAWO Editor for WeChat Articles插图5

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