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Got Clients in China? Take the Most User-Friendly Agency-Client Collaboration Tool for a Spin 💃

Run a boutique advertising agency, or even several of them from different time zones? You need a social media management tool for China to makes collaboration with your team and clients easier. Then you’ve come to the right place! The following are some ways KAWO can assist you.

☑️ Streamline Collaboration with Your Clients in One Place

KAWO was created on a calendar basis. One calendar (Interactive? yes!) for each of your clients. An absolute lifesaver, but it doesn’t end there.

You can also see all the content plans for all your clients in one place: Multi-account management can be a hassle, especially when you toggle between multiple accounts across different Chinese social media platforms. The multi-brand calendar feature was designed to make it easier for China-focused agencies like to handle multiple accounts on WeChat, Weibo, Kuaishou, Douyin, and Bilibili.

☑️ Get Your Content Done Stress-Free

KAWO was built on two principles: Transparency and Collaboration, but most importantly, with agencies in mind. Your work-in-progress doesn’t need to be visible for clients: In addition to KAWO’s own editor, you can also create WeChat articles in third-party editors or the backend editor of WeChat, so you can take your time to create great content, and sync it to KAWO for post approval only when you are ready.

☑️ Intuitive & Easy-to-use SOP

Having an efficient standard operating procedure is imperative for brand success: Agency-client collaboration is vital. With KAWO, you can preview, comment, and edit content in one place, and your clients can approve to publish anytime anywhere with a click in KAWO.

☑️ Manage Assets for All Your Clients Efficiently

KAWO’s Media Library lets you store, organize, and use assets like photos, videos, and GIFs. That’s not all: You can also pull in high-quality and creative images through KAWO X Getty Images integration.

☑️ Build Trust with Your Customers with Automatic Report

Creating trust between agency and client is crucial to the success of the collaboration. You must always present yourself as transparent as possible to your clients, and keeping them informed about what you’ve accomplished will help you build your relationship. 

A number of statistics are available in KAWO, including account-wide and post-wide stats, interactive insight reports, the ability to compare performance over time, and competitor insights. Furthermore, KAWO can automatically email you and notify your clients of weekly summary reports.

☑️ Make KAWO Yours

Like what you see? You can change the “Wukong Travel” logo to your own, create a place for each client in your organization’s account, and add as many team members as you like to each brand account. 

Here’s the real game changer: With the automated report generation and analytics capabilities of KAWO, you now have the power to present your achievements and progress whenever and wherever you are. ðŸ˜„

Want to make your clients and team happy? Take KAWO for a spin today 💃 Learn more

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