How to Use Hashtags on Weibo
February 4, 2015 |
By: Yujun Wu As the premier social media platform in China, Sina Weibo does a good job of integrating hashtags into the use of the platform. As is the case with the use of hashtags in Western social media, hashtags make it easy to track and monitor the amount of buzz a topic creates. By clicking a hashtag you can derive a lot of information and statistics about that particular hashtag including who follows, who posts, and who monitors the topic.  Below are five crucial elements for using hashtags on Weibo. Trending Hashtag
The Sina Weibo platform has a section called Huati, which translates to “topic”. By clicking on the site, you can find out the most popular topics on Sina Weibo in various categories including sports, tourism, tech, food, TV shows etc. Last week turned out to be a huge week for sports. Below are some of the trending sports hashtags that have been going viral among Chinese fans. Top 3 hashtags in sports section on Weibo: #2015亚洲杯# (#2015AsianCup) : 3.84 b+ hashtag views #张稀哲在德甲# (#Zhang): 180 m+ hashtag views #2015年澳网# (#2015AustralianOpen) 220 m+ hashtag views Owning a Hashtag Owning a hashtag is unique to China and is a feature that is not available on Twitter. You can own a hashtag and monitor the flow of content for this hashtag. To become a moderator, you need to apply in order to host the hashtag. The application then needs to be approved by Sina Weibo, which usually takes 1-3 days.  Sina will give feedback through private message. Once you own a hashtag, there are a wide variety of functions available on the hashtag page such as the abilities to: - invite related accounts to create a community around the hashtag - change the profile picture, cover photo, and page background - add a brief introduction for the hashtag - pin posts on the hashtag page to highlight top content - recommend a post by a fan who shares the hashtag It’s important to note that the moderator needs to stay active! If the moderator posts less than 1 post in a calendar week, they will be expelled from hosting the hashtag. After this, anyone can compete in order to win the hashtag. Top-line Numbers
To define whether a hashtag is popular or not, Sina Weibo offers a brief statistics feature which includes the total number of hashtag views, the total number of times the hashtag was shared, and the number of hashtag followers. Light App
Sina Weibo encourages brands to spread key messages around with hashtags via a sharable light app. #ComeOnChina# was a hashtag created during 2014 Asian Games and was owned by CCTV-5, China’s biggest sports network, on Sina Weibo. The well-designed light app was integrated to generate awareness around the hashtag. It simply allows users to click a button to spread the message “Come On China” . After this, an auto post with #ComeOnChina# in the text and the graphic popped up on the news feed. Most Effective Way to Promote Your Brand on Weibo Unsurprisingly, Sina Weibo will promote your hashtag if it becomes a trending topic. Take #张稀哲在德甲# (#ZhangxizheinBundesliga#) as an example. Last weekend it was found almost everywhere on Weibo.

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