2024 China Marketing Calendar

Managing a social media content calendar is hard enough, and it just gets more stressful when trying to keep track of all the holidays and marketing events in China.
This is why KAWO put together The Ultimate China Marketing Calendar 2024 to inspire and guide your 2024 marketing plans.

The Ultimate China Marketing Calendar 2024

Here is Your China Marketing Calendar for 2023


2024 China Marketing Calendar插图1


New Year’s Day

2024 China Marketing Calendar插图2


World Braille Day

2024 China Marketing Calendar插图3


Chinese People’s Police Day

SUN 14 → SUN 28 JAN

2024 Australian Open Tennis

2024 China Marketing Calendar插图4


Laba Festival

FRI 19 → WED 31 JAN

2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games

2024 China Marketing Calendar插图5


International Day of Education

TUE 30 → WED 31 JAN

2024 ISU Four Continents Championships

How to Explore Characteristics of Chinese Millennials on Social

While millennials have experienced the enormous rise of influencer culture, surveys indicate that they are more inclined to be influenced by information from official brand accounts. They tend to view influencer accounts merely as a point of reference when browsing for products and services online.

Engaging content from brands has a greater impact on millennials than Gen-Z. Millennials show the most positive response, both in terms of loyalty and investment, towards brands that connect with them emotionally [S] .

What Make Chinese Millennials Special?

1.Acknowledge vast diversity

Millennials’ diversity is not only prevalent in their personality and individualism, but drastic societal changes have given them vastly different life experiences: Those who grew up in more developed areas had earlier and easier access to resources for advancement, while those who grew up in relatively rural areas continue to lag behind in education and exposure to brands and influence.

Furthermore, older millennials are more likely to be homeowners and under pressure to provide for their family, while younger ones are still trying to discover a meaningful career path… By targeting their unique history and emotions, brands have the opportunity to explore and cater to niche markets.

2.Willing to spend for family

Millennials are the essential workforce in the Chinese economy and often the breadwinners for the family. Though the generational difference between millennials and their parents is great, it doesn’t impact the sense of responsibility and the underlying familial bond. With almost half of them becoming parents themselves, many popular products for seniors and kids are targeted towards millennials.

Attract Chinese Millennials with Nostalgia Marketing

Positive experiences create a sense of comfort and security for everyone, and marketing strategies that tap into cherished memories work exceptionally well with millennials [S]

As the service and high-paying technology industries continue to grow rapidly, millennials face increasing pressure to constantly learn and adapt to avoid being replaced by younger workers. In fact, the highest level of anxiety for millennial workers tend to occur around the age of 32-33 [S].

By leveraging nostalgia, brands can connect with millennials on a deeper emotional level compared to other generations. Taking a stroll down memory lane offers a brief respite from the constant stress, provides opportunities to reflect on personal growth, and fosters a heightened self-awareness. Ultimately, this reshapes millennials’ attitudes toward an uncertain future, forging a stronger link between past and present.

Three Trends to Look For in 2024

With another trip around the sun completed, it’s that time for us to take a peek into the future and share what we think the new trends for the coming year will be.

cover image for top 3 trends in 2024

1. The marketer’s AI social media companion

In 2024, the use of AI in social media is transitioning from a mere buzz to a practical reality. With the exponential growth in social media interactions and content creation, marketers face the challenge of handling vast amounts of data.

How Competitor Tracking Can Either Hurt or Help Your Brand Performance on Social Media

So, you’re nosy—totally normal! We’ve all been there, peeking over the fence to see what the neighbors are up to. But when it comes to your brand’s strategy, is stalking the competition really the secret sauce? Well, not exactly. It’s a bit like trying to copy your friend’s answers in class—might work sometimes, but you won’t ace the test.

It comes as no surprise to us that the ability to track competitor performance in China has been one of the most requested KAWO features — so, being the customer-centric SaaS company we are, of course, we built it! But, dear friends, it’s how you use it that will make the real difference.

The KAWO Competitor Tracking feature is like the Sherlock Holmes of brand strategy but without the deerstalker hat. So, how can playing detective with your competitors actually help your brand performance in China, without turning into a hot mess? Stick around; we’re about to spill the tea!