From Concept to Creation: KAWO’s New WeChat Editor

The world is moving fast and your great ideas deserve to catch up with the speed of social interaction. Creating content for your brand is not an easy task. But you don’t have to do it alone.

With KAWO’s new WeChat Editor our improved user interface and useful features let you go from concept to post in minutes.

Less email mess with KAWO’s custom reports

Don’t let reports get lost in your mailbox, consolidate all of your brand’s reports in one place. In August we started to auto-generating weekly reports, now you can upload your own .pdf files.

KAWO is all about effortless transparency. See who has reviewed the report, discuss the report in the comment thread, and mention a colleague in your conversation.

KAWO’s Guide to Posting Schedule

Posting consistently is the secret to cultivating a loyal customer following. But it’s not always easy to remember. KAWO helps you set up for a regular posting schedule. Start using Posting Schedule now to make your social media marketing more effective with a well-structured plan.

Have questions about how to do that? Watch this video to find out more:

“Sang”: The trend of negative messages on Weibo & WeChat

In May, a pop-up tea store named Sang Cha (丧茶), roughly translated into ‘depressed tea’, opened in Shanghai for four days. This store was instantly a huge topic filling my WeChat moments and Weibo feed. Young people shared photos and jokes about the quirky concept which says mean things to their customers like…

You’re already so fat. Refraining from one cup of milk tea won’t make any difference

If this already sounds absurd, more controversy is offered on their menu which lists…

Stephen Hawking is on Weibo even before getting on Twitter

The list of western personalities on Weibo just got bigger with a heavy weight name: Stephen Hawking. The world famous theoretical physicist wrote his first Weibo post early this morning, which was shared more than 172,000 times and has generated 327,000 likes at time of writing.

“In my physical travels, I have only been able to touch the surface of your fascinating history and culture. But now I can communicate with you through social media”, wrote Hawking.

Chinese Social Media Management: A Simple Platform/中国社交媒体管理平台

The social media era came along with a lot of new ways to communicate: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are the big Western channels and Weibo and WeChat are the leaders in the East. It’s incredible what you can do with all of this social channels, but it can also be extremely challenging, as a celebrity or an agency, to manage it all and get the expected results.

That’s why most digital marketing professionals use platforms that help them plan, schedule and post their content online. KAWO is a one-stop-shop for all that, but when you post on Weibo using the platform, this will appear: 来自科握 (posted via KAWO). But how does this affect your Weibo account or does it affect it at all?

Apple Pay is in China and all over the internet / Apple Pay 引发的媒体话题

How to Use?

I didn’t have any of the payment services on my phone and decided to register my card to see which one was easier. Both work almost the same way: for WeChat you input your bank password, use the camera to get your card information and input your phone number for verification. With Apple Pay, you first use the camera to get info from your card and then receive a verification number through SMS and you’re done!

In my experience, Apple Pay was easier and here’s why. After I registered with Apple Pay in 15 seconds I went to try the WeChat service and couldn’t register! It might have been a system mistake – especially because Apple Pay sent me a SMS to the phone number I registered at the bank – but I got two different messages from WeChat and will have to go to the bank to solve this.