Thank you…

Dear Customers, Partners, Friends, Family & Everyone who believed in KAWO,

We are delighted to announce that KAWO has received a $5 million (USD) investment from Sequoia Capital. This is a huge validation of our mission to build the best social media management platform for teams in China.

Thank you so so much for being part of our journey so far. It’s been 8 years since we first started building KAWO and without you, our customers, users and partners we couldn’t have achieved this awesome milestone.

So what will we do with all this 💰 ?

Our mission remains the same to build the best software for teams managing China social media. Every day we talk to teams who tell us about the challenges, from declining engagement to endless overtime.

We’re going to accelerate the development of our platform & use this money to solve some hard problems. Among many other projects, we’ll develop AI to give you insights and answer your most pressing questions. 

KAWO will continue to be user driven. So please reach out and let us know what you’d like to see…

Many thanks,

The Whole KAWO Team

Why is Digital Transformation so Hard in China?

Everyone in marketing is talking about digital transformation, but few are really doing it.

2021 is the year when genuine digital transformation is needed more than ever. Marketing teams in China currently operate in a state of chaos and chronic inefficiency. When the work was easy and the money was flowing, this wasn’t a big problem. Now, growth is slowing, competition is fierce and wages are rising.

6 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Data Studio

scarp your spreadsheets and use google data studio

I hate spreadsheets.

stressful spreadsheet

If you’ve ever worked with a spreadsheet that contains thousands of rows of data, you feel my pain. Human brains are not capable of identifying trends just by looking at data dumps alone. This is why data really becomes valuable when it’s visualized; charts and graphs remove ambiguity around numbers and instead, tell a story.

2019 WeChat & Weibo Data Insights

If only 10% of your WeChat followers read each article you are still probably doing better than you think.

Both WeChat & Weibo have reached maturity making them a real challenge for marketing teams all over China, but the data clearly shows there are ways you can win.

KAWO analysed 20 million data points to answer every marketers top questions.

Tong Digital Prove Transparency is Good for Business

Brands are demanding more data and China insights from their agencies. They don’t want to wait for a weekly or monthly update; they want to be able to check progress whenever they wish. Even if they can’t read Chinese, they still want to feel connected to their brand presence in China.

Has The WeChat Time Capsule Bubble Burst?

WeChat’s Time Capsule launch has failed.

That’s what my instincts were telling me. I had seen less and less of the tell-tale blue circle throughout my contacts. So I had 10 different volunteers document how many time capsules they saw per week.

In the 14 days we captured usage declined by 34%. Weekends saw increased activity but during the week time capsule usage is minimal. As each volunteer had over 600 friends (some as many as 1400), there is a minimum of 6000 points of reference for TC creation.

We also surveyed 87 people to see if we could gauge the sentiment towards the Time Capsule feature.

Find Your Social Crew: 2017 Social Media Executive Report

At KAWO we often hear about the difficulties brands and agencies have finding people to manage their social media. To understand this challenge better, it’s important to get to know social media executives in China.

A good place to start is a new report released by four major players in Chinese social media (运营研究社,人人秀,新媒体管家,上线了). In total 11,580 survey responses were received from social media executives in 50 cities in China. We have selected the 4 most interesting graphics to get you up to speed.

How to Drive Change in Your Company

Change is necessary but can be painful.

We believe, in the future, all marketing teams in China will be using solutions (like KAWO) to streamline their work.

Whenever your team starts using new software there will be a period of pain before you reach the new, better way of working.