Has The WeChat Time Capsule Bubble Burst?

WeChat’s Time Capsule launch has failed.

That’s what my instincts were telling me. I had seen less and less of the tell-tale blue circle throughout my contacts. So I had 10 different volunteers document how many time capsules they saw per week.

In the 14 days we captured usage declined by 34%. Weekends saw increased activity but during the week time capsule usage is minimal. As each volunteer had over 600 friends (some as many as 1400), there is a minimum of 6000 points of reference for TC creation.

We also surveyed 87 people to see if we could gauge the sentiment towards the Time Capsule feature.

Find Your Social Crew: 2017 Social Media Executive Report

At KAWO we often hear about the difficulties brands and agencies have finding people to manage their social media. To understand this challenge better, it’s important to get to know social media executives in China.

A good place to start is a new report released by four major players in Chinese social media (运营研究社,人人秀,新媒体管家,上线了). In total 11,580 survey responses were received from social media executives in 50 cities in China. We have selected the 4 most interesting graphics to get you up to speed.

How to Drive Change in Your Company

Change is necessary but can be painful.

We believe, in the future, all marketing teams in China will be using solutions (like KAWO) to streamline their work.

Whenever your team starts using new software there will be a period of pain before you reach the new, better way of working.

“Sang”: The trend of negative messages on Weibo & WeChat

In May, a pop-up tea store named Sang Cha (丧茶), roughly translated into ‘depressed tea’, opened in Shanghai for four days. This store was instantly a huge topic filling my WeChat moments and Weibo feed. Young people shared photos and jokes about the quirky concept which says mean things to their customers like…

You’re already so fat. Refraining from one cup of milk tea won’t make any difference

If this already sounds absurd, more controversy is offered on their menu which lists…

Stephen Hawking is on Weibo even before getting on Twitter

The list of western personalities on Weibo just got bigger with a heavy weight name: Stephen Hawking. The world famous theoretical physicist wrote his first Weibo post early this morning, which was shared more than 172,000 times and has generated 327,000 likes at time of writing.

“In my physical travels, I have only been able to touch the surface of your fascinating history and culture. But now I can communicate with you through social media”, wrote Hawking.

Take Your Community Management to Another Level with KAWO’s Reposting Tool

With the release of KAWO v6, we have seen a host of new features take your Chinese social media game to a whole new level. One of the biggest advantages that we have at KAWO is an epic user base that is able to give us real-time feedback to help us improve our product.

Having this up close and personal view at the pain points of our users allows us to improve their workflow and save them time. Our latest feature is just another step in making KAWO your one-stop shop for Chinese social media success.

How to Get Fake Reads on WeChat

The wait is over: you can now buy fake reads on WeChat. We’re by no means supporting this practice; however, it’s interesting and prudent to observe how it’s done and how you can hold your team accountable. In attempts to grow accounts, a number of companies, predominantly local Chinese ones have taken to buying “fake reads” in order to create an illusion of popularity. This is how these groups are going about creating deceitful posts and how you can recognize what’s real and what isn’t.

KAWO Makes Shortlist at Campaign Innovate

KAWO was announced last week as a shortlisted candidate for Campaign Asia’s Campaign Innovate award, which seeks to recognize top technology that’s innovating the marketing and advertising industry.

Along with 11 other candidates, KAWO will compete to be one of the four finalists who will then go head-to-head via a video pitch session with the winner to be announced at the Marketing Innovation Summit in Singapore in mid-November.

For more information on Campaign Innovate, check out this article