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KAWO Data Tracking

Is it possible for KAWO to track my historical data?

Data is typically tracked only after your social channels are connected to KAWO.

It will require the creation of a custom API for us to track your historical data before KAWO, so there will be an extra charge. For such needs, please contact your KAWO customer success manager via WeCom or [email protected].

What is the length of time that KAWO tracks brands’ own data across 5 platforms?

KAWO tracks data lengths differently across platforms:

WeChat: 7 days after posting
Weibo: 10 days after posting
Douyin: 100 days after posting
Kuaishou: 100 days after posting
Bilibili: 30 days after posting
Douyin Livestream: during the livestream
Xiaohongshu: 30 days after posting

What is the length of time that KAWO tracks competitors’ data across 7 platforms?

WeChat: 7 days
Weibo: 14 days
Douyin: 7 days
Kuaishou: 7 days
Xiaohongshu: 7 days
WeChat Channels: 7 days
Bilibili: 7 days

What is WeChat Total Reads in Data Center?

The Total Reads in the KAWO Data Center equals the Total Reads (总阅读次数) in the WeChat backend.

Total Reads in Data Center
Total Reads in the WeChat backend

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