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Chinese tourists spent a record-breaking $102 billion on trips last year.*


67% of Chinese travelers are between ages 25-44.*


With 600 million Internet users, 92% of whom are on Chinese social media.*

KAWO keeps you safe

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While stories of brands having a social media crisis are common in the West, the situation is even more delicate in China.

KAWO Protect™ is a combination of automatic filters and specially trained moderators giving you the peace of mind that your brand is 100% protected.

The KAWO algorithm compares your content against a constantly updated list of sensitive words, phrases and dates. Posts containing links are also checked to ensure those links are accessible to users in Mainland China.

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Real People, Real Translations

Despite all the advances in machine translation and recent growth of crowd sourced translation, they're still both unable to capture the nuances of your message.

Our moderators don’t just translate your content; they localize each post making your message both engaging and consistent with the personality of your brand. Then to get the maximum impact, we publish your post at the best time of day.


I love curling up with a snack and watching my favourite shows, “Friends” and “Modern Family.”


I’m interested in everything and everyone, so when I’m not off adventuring, I’m learning something new!


I love playing the video game DotA, checking out the latest Apple gadgets, and hanging out with my dog, Sky.


I love football, so I feel really lucky that I get to translate for my favourite club, Liverpool FC. I'm also a cinephile.


I’m your typical Shanghai girl, when I’m not shopping, I’m eating my favourite Shanghainese cuisine, xiaolong bao and hotpot.


I'm a huge Manchester United fan and my dream is to go to Old Trafford one day!


I’m a realistic idealist in pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful. To clear my head I go running or take photos.

in-depth insights

Learn About Your Chinese Followers

Who they are, where they’re from, and what interests them to help improve all areas of your Mainland China strategy.

Our map shows you which cities in China your fans are from. See which posts have the most comments and reposts.

See the people behind the numbers, learn more by viewing the profiles of your most engaged followers.

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Competitor Analysis

KAWO helps you identify opportunities by giving you detailed stats on your competitors including:

  • Most popular posts
  • Fan growth
  • Engagement

Kawo ensures you know exactly how your competitors are performing on China’s biggest social networks. Discover the most trending posts, highest growth accounts and engagement in your industry.

read how KAWO enabled DiscoverAmerica

新浪旅游  •  今天 10:24


一碗沙茶面  •  今天 10:40

@_疯狂的鸟鸟_ 不要伤心!再去再去!

旅行  •  今天 10:58


早睡早起和半碗饭是最棒的  •  今天 10:59

只去离迈阿密最近的Everglades看鳄鱼和拍照。//@新浪旅游: [围观]好消息!!!美国所有的国家公园和纪念馆又重新对外开放啦!分布在50个州的401个国家公园。

Discover America Case Study

Discover America’s Facebook page, rich with beautiful content and fan engagement, has over 3 million likes.

With China’s ban on Facebook and no Chinese social media accounts, however, they had zero digital presence in China. As a result, this company was unable to share their content, engage with fans and ultimately promote tourism with the largest growing tourist demographic in the world.

They turned to KAWO to help create their digital presence and KAWO delivered: in one weekend, Go USA’s Sina Weibo account alone gained over 100,000 fans. They're currently at 740,000 fans, 171,000 comments and growing strong!

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