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Adding Tags to Your Content

Adding Tags to Posts & Articles

Simply open a social media post and you will find a section under Meta for adding tags.

*Follow the same steps to add tags to your Douyin & Kuaishou posts.

Method 1: You can start adding tags by simply typing in the field and hitting the Enter key. 

Method 2: Select from existing tags by clicking on the tag icon.

Method 3: Select a required tag by simply clicking on it.

Batch tagging

Using Search, you can add and remove tags from hundreds of posts or articles at a time.

Effective tagging

Before you can get good tag reports you need to put effort into tagging all your posts.

After you’ve set up your Required tag categories, the effectiveness bars show you what % of your content is tagged in this category.

Ensure full green bars for the most accurate performance data. 

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